The other day I picked my friend up from the airport. As I was driving to the airport, I actually saw the plane my friend was on come “in for a landing”. I’ll admit I had a small tear roll down my cheek because it was just so amazing that inside that tin can was a dear friend of mine. They were in one part of the United States just a few hours ago and now they are here with me. It was just such a simple thought.

We had a wonderful time talking. It had been a really long time since we were able to just sit around and discuss our lives and our thoughts.

My friend said something to me that just ripped me to the core.

We were discussing what we needed from the people in our lives and I was curious what my friendship and my being bring to my friend’s life. I was looked directly in the eye and my friend said, “I want you to be alive.”

I looked away because I could feel the tear ducts starting to generate some water. Here is a person who has been in my life for a very long time and all this person wants is to know that when they need me…when they go to reach out for my hand…it will be warm with life and not bitterly cold.

It sounds like such a simple thing to ask for, right? However, when there is always a threat of illness, so much more can be lost when that illness takes over.

I gulped down my tears and finally found the courage to meet my friend’s eye. I said that I am not going anywhere. No matter how hard it gets for me to just breathe, I know that I just can’t stop.

Also, here is a person who throughout the years as given me more support, encouragement, and unwavering trust and all they ask of me is to keep myself alive.

When a person has the illness I do, it is hard to see the power your presence has in other lives. The negative is always magnified and the positives are dwarfed by the mind searching for an ulterior motive.

But here is a person who has never lied or bull shitted me saying that my life has more value being lived then not.

How amazing that is for me to here! I am humbled and honored for the privilege to be considered such an asset.

I then wonder who else among my friends look only for my warm hand to hold onto theirs? I never understand the positive power I have in other’s lives. I am always blown away when someone tells me they have always appreciated me or thought fondly of me. I just see myself as this chick bee-bopping around. I never understand my actions, my powerful passionate and belief in others touches their lives.