I think maybe I have o.d.ed on vampires. I can’t seem to finish Dracula. Every time I start reading it, I find the book sticking to my face and my cat is laughing at me because I have print on my face. I didn’t have this trouble the first time I read this book, so I don’t know what is going on.

It might be because it is a Victorian novel and I just want the facts. I don’t need to hear about what was eaten for dinner or what kind of walk was partaken. Just tell me what is going on man.

Also, it is so obvious Stoker is using Hamlet as a backdrop and I don’t know why. It is bothering me that I can’t fully make the connections yet. Right now he has Lucy feeling like Ophelia. I wonder if it is because Ophelia was in between life and death just as Lucy is now. Also, Lucy gets to wear garlic and Ophelia got real flowers. I want to know why Stoker is making that point. Both used the flowers to save her self from death. Is that the only point Stoker is looking to make?

I am trying really hard to get through this novel. However, it isn’t looking pretty. So I have made the choice to move on to my next book on the list (Vonnegut’s Sirens of Titian). My grand pop normally gives me a lot of great literary food for thought, so I am looking forward to a quick and fulfilling read.

I will go back to Dracula. I am not too sure when and I think I might have to skip past Pride and Prejudice as well. There is no way I should have not one book done and it is two weeks into August. Something is not right in the state of Denmark.