I am in the middle of chapter ten and things are getting a bit boring. The Victorian niceties are coming out in all the letters and I am falling asleep while reading. However, I remember when I first read this book I liked it, so I am determined to finish it.

I did find one line in the novel I would like to discuss a bit.

In Dr. Seward’s Diary he is talking about Renfield and he thinks he has a religious mania coming on. Seward writes on page 112, “The real God taketh heed lest a sparrow fall; but the God created from human vanity sees no difference between an eagle and a sparrow” (Stoker 112).

Now, this is assuming one believes that God created everything.

I think Seward makes a very valid point. God made everything from the small ant crawling on the ground all the way up to the Queen of England. Each thing is created for a reason and a purpose.

But as soon as someone thinks they are God (whether through a mental illness or just a God complex) it seems that people forget that God respects all the things He created. It’s like they think the only way to be God is to be mean and look down at others. I don’t think God walks around thinking He is all that. I think He just walks around. Sure, He made everything but so what.

Human vanity is a deadly thing. I think it can create a barrier and a false sense of what is right and wrong. It can make one believe things that aren’t true about one’s self. The world wasn’t created for just one soul to manipulate others; it was created because He could create it.

Well, I am going back into my own manuscript and I will read more tomorrow and report back.