My cat again thought it would be a brilliant idea to start screaming at 4 in the morning. I had no choice. I had to rip out her voice box.

I am just kidding. I did, however, have to go sleep on the couch to make her stop yelling at me.

Because of this move, I had the strangest dream.

The dream goes I was in London. I was living there and I was some kind of celebrity. It had something to do with having physic powers. My one girlfriend was with me and she was walking around with some dude.

It was late at night and I kept wandering off. We were near a church (because you can never find ANY of those in England) and I wanted to go inside and look for ghosts. Also the moon was out and I was trying to get a picture of the moon. However, it was really difficult for me to get the picture how I wanted it. Lastly, in this dream I was looking for love. All of these things I know are difficult to find and maybe that is why had trouble finding them. These things are all things we have to believe in to see it. Perhaps the moon is the only one that doesn’t fit the pattern, but the moon is hard to get to and is still a mystery. The other two are definitely mysteries.

Anyhow, like all other dreams, I was then walking around London and some guy was with me. I was discussing how I wanted to live in this one section of London. It was like really old and the bottom levels were studios and upstairs had apartments. As we were walking, I thought I saw fireworks so I started running towards them. It turned out the fireworks were really a big old apartment complex on fire. I got scared and thought it was a terrorist’s attack and the guy I was with calmed me down and kissed me.

I am not too sure what to make of this dream. Any thoughts?

Oh and I didn’t read Dracula yesterday. I think I was having an allergy attack or something because my eyes and head were killing me. But I am sure I will read today and get a blog about it up later in the day.