For about the past two years or so I have been struggling with this novel I wrote. It was a fairly good first draft and I was amazed that I could sustain myself for about 200 odd pages. However, I have noticed so many troubles and issues with it. The ending is horrific and there are some characters that need some sprucing up. Then there is this whole I wrote a YA novel when I wanted to write an adult one. Lastly, I want to make my main female character so strong she can withstand time and generations.

So of course I left the novel in my computer and I haven’t really touched it.

In the course of a conversation, I think I hit upon the one thing my novel was lacking.

When people ask what the novel is about, I always report the facts and the story arc. I never had my main character face or solve anything. She didn’t grow. Hence the novel is nothing but words.

Now I am letting ideas form and reform in my head.

Now normally when I write, I cut my nails off so I don’t get bothered by them crashing into the keys and messing with my already devoid spelling. I haven’t cut my nails yet. But today I look down at my hands and something strange occurs to me. I don’t have to cut my nails down because they are all gone already.

I take this as a sign that my mind is ready to drive back in and start reworking and sharpening.

Soon enough, my novel will be done. What I will do with it will be another unanswered question.

The Dracula blog will be up later today. I am on Chapter four and want to get to chapter ten before I blog about it. However, either way, I will make sure I get it up today.