I am only up through chapter six, but I have a few things to discuss.

First, in less than two chapters, Stoker mentions Shakespeare’s play Hamlet twice. It is hard to miss the similarities of Harker and Hamlet. Both characters are plagued by the supernatural. Each character is trapped in a place they don’t want to be in and each character is looking for the easy way out. Immoral men oppress Hamlet and Harker and each of their women are hard to reach (Mina is out of reach because Dracula is being a bit of a doucher and not letting him mail letters to her; Ophelia’s mind checks out and she goes swimming for flowers). I feel Stoker will make more comparisons between the two characters as the book progresses.

Second: What’s the deal with sleep walking Lucy? I feel like Dracula has somehow bewitched her and is calling her in the night. I also like how Mina points out that Lucy is gaining color as the stay at this new costal place. Mina says that Lucy doesn’t look as anemic.

Third: Dracula is on the boat that is coming to the Crescent, isn’t he? Why else would the boat not be in full control? Dracula has no one to man the boat and is using his powers to guide it along. The old man senses that death is on the way and while he thinks it is his death, I tend to read it more of foreshadowing Dracula.

Renfield: now he is a creepy little fellow, isn’t he? When the doctor describes how he first catches the flies, eats them and then moves on to the spiders…I am thinking dude…creepy little man. I know he has a connection to Dracula, I just haven’t seen it yet.

Lastly: I think for a Victorian novel, this is one of the easiest to read because it doesn’t prescribe to all the niceties that most novels of the time use. I don’t have to sift through the inner workings of the London social structure or anything like that and it makes the novel easier to read. Also, I think because it is set as personal accounts, letters, journals and diaries it ties the reader more to the novel.

Well, that is all I have for today. Tomorrow I hope to have at least up through chapter 15 done, so stay tuned and comment