I am not very far in the book. However, there are a few things I would like to mention and see what others think about these things as well.

The book starts off explaining this book is the main character, Harker’s journal. All things that are superficial have been removed and all that remains are the simple facts. I find this an interesting way to start a novel because I feel that it immediately draws in the reader because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like reading someone else’s journal? As I scanned through the whole book, it looks like it is pieces of other’s diaries and journals as well.

We also find out the journal was kept in shorthand. Throughout the couple of pages I have read, Harker mentions food he has consumed and recipes he would like to track down. Also, he keeps directing things to Mina. It seems that he is either writing this to Mina or he fears he won’t live the journey out and this journal may be his last chance to speak to Mina (who I am assuming is a wife or a fiancée).

My question to all of you is what is the difference between a journal and a diary?

In my opinion, a journal is more of a recount of the days’ events. I feel that journals can also focus on a specific topic or question and through writing can be explored with the possibility of a resolution.

A diary on the other hand is a person’s deep and personal internal struggle. Inside a diary is where all a person’s true thoughts and feelings are written down because speaking them out loud is too painful. A diary is where a person can be completely honest and have absolutely no judgment. Diaries are the written expression of a person’s soul.

So, why then does Stoker use both forms in his novel? If Stoker was so concerned with having an accurate and unbiased account of the events, why turn to a personal journal and a diary to express a story? What lies within these pages that a person would only admit to in a diary? Why does the reader need to be told time and time again this account is devoid of all observations and relies solely on facts?

Time will tell and I look forward to discovering more.