My brain lies to me all the time. I would like to think it wouldn’t do that to me, but it just lies to me all the time.

My brain lies so much to me that I even start to believe my brain. I hope I wouldn’t lie to myself and since my brain is a part of me, I just assume it isn’t lying. However, that statement is a lie because my brain IS lying to me.

I think my brain (and maybe yours does this as well) tries to just protect us. The brain doesn’t really think all the scenarios through; however, it just thinks of the most logically next step and it acts on that information.

Take today for an example.

I was trying to get up ay 7am to go to the gym. I have to be in Philly at 1pm today and I am taking the train in. I have a big fear of being late, so I always try to leave around 11:30am to get to the train station on time. I figure if I show up in Philly early, I can always find someplace to wander into until I need to get moving to my appointment.

So, I was afraid if I woke up at the normal time of like 10am, I wouldn’t have enough time to go to the gym, shower, drop off my current sold books at the shipping store and go catch the train. Hence the 7am wake up call.

My cat must have known I wanted to get up early because around 6:30am she was yelling at me. I popped up and checked her water bowl, food bowl and litter. All were fine, so I didn’t know what she was yelling about. Having gotten my attention, she stops yelling and begins to roll over. I snuggle back in bed knowing I have only a half hour left of sleep to get before I need to get going again.

But Phoebe has other plans.

She notices I am back in bed, so she starts yelling again. Now I am angry and I tell her if she doesn’t stop yelling I will give her something to yell about (because she totally understands me). Seeing she has my attention, she grabs her little mouse and starts playing with it. I tell her she is out of her mind and go back to sleep.

But Phoebe doesn’t like that, so she yells some more.

Finally I get up and go sleep out on the couch. She approves of this and lets me sleep. Right now as I am writing this, she is sitting on the love seat next to me sleeping. I am really fighting the urge to wake her up.

However, this all brings me to my next point. I am afraid that now that it is 9am; I can’t go to the gym because I won’t have enough time. My brain is telling me that I should take the day off and that my muscles really hurt. My brain tells me I won’t have enough time to do everything I need to do and if I want I can go later tonight. Also, my brain says I don’t need to go to the gym because it isn’t helping anyhow.

I need to go to the gym. But why does my brain protest so much?

I think my brain wants to keep me safe. When my brain comes up with a lot of arguments against something I need to take the fact that my brain is having a hard time getting me “over to the dark side”. If my brain has to work that hard to keep me from doing something, then maybe that is the thing I need to do.

I am always hearing the phrase “do the opposite” and now I know where it comes from.