I am not too sure what is going on in the world of the living arts, but what is with this sudden move to break into the third wall? I come to sit and watch a performance. I don’t want to be a part of it. I don’t need you to talk to me. I am just here to watch and absorb.

It’s funny because when I was younger, I did like the breaking down of the third wall. I loved being in on the joke or feeling like I was a part of the action. However, now I just want to sit, eat my popcorn, and then after about ninety minutes or so clap and be on my way.

It truly makes me uncomfortable when the wall gets broken down because I feel like I wasn’t properly prepared. I didn’t know there was a quiz. I forgot to check my inbox for the memo.

The first time that wall was broken was when I saw “Grease”. In the beginning of the play, Vince whatever his last name was comes out on stage and starts doing this audience participation thing. Some had to do the twist, another section had to do the swim, and my section had to do that stupid dance from “Pulp Fiction”. I didn’t sign up for all of that. I just came to see one of my favorite plays and hopefully not sign aloud too much. I didn’t know I was going to have to dance. It made me feel uncomfortable.

Today I saw the movie, “Whatever Works.” I had no idea what it was about or anything like that. I just went to the movie theatre and it was the next movie (besides Harry Potter) that was showing, so I got my ticket, popcorn, and waited for the show.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a Woody Allen flick. Also, it had Larry David in it and for some reason he always reminded me of my dad, so I was cool with that as well.

The familiar font went up and I snuggled further into my seat. The show started and I was feeling happy with my tiny twist of fate.

Then it happened. Larry David’s character admitted to his friends that there was an audience watching. He even knew about the popcorn.

I didn’t like it.

I just wanted to watch the movie and fight off the urge to pee. I didn’t need to be pointed out.

I will note that both times I was alone when I was watching these events. So that might have something to do with the comfort level. However, during “The Complete Works of Shakespeare…” there was an audience participation section and I didn’t like it either. I was with someone and I still felt odd.

I guess I just like to be taken into the artists’ creation on my own. I don’t want to be told where and when I should feel something. Just let me hear your words and watch your craft, I will take what I need from your art. What more can you ask of me? What higher honor can I give the artist then taking in his or her art and making my own interpretation of it?