In the past two weeks, I have been suffering from this strange problem. I think the world may have gone mad. Maybe the sun has fried everyone’s brain? It could be heat stroke.

Regardless of what is the cause, the effect is this…I have been in a constant state of WTF and did that just happen?

So here is just a small list of things I am willing to share with you. Feel free to add your own…but not your measurements…I am not a dating website.


I am sitting at a red light and you are on the opposite side of the road. You don’t have a “no turn on red sign” and no traffic from the vertical lanes are coming. But yet you sit and wait. Then, I get the green arrow of turning and it is then you decide it is your turn to turn left as well. I have to hit my breaks and wait for you to go because you are a damn moron. You had all that time to go. No one was stopping you. Yet as soon as you see my car coming, you take that as you can go, too. WTF!


I am sitting in the park and there you are walking about. At first I don’t notice you because this is your first time walking around the park. You have your Starbucks Iced coffee and your small black backpack circa early 90’s. Your long black hair covers your face and your head is down looking at the ground. I only notice you the first time because of the bag on your back. However, the other 90 times you walk around the park I pick up on your other stuff. Like your black wired glasses and you horrific shoes, just to name a few things I noticed. Now, I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but I have to know what you are doing. Why are you walking around the park a million times? Do you have depression, too? What’s going on? You are freaking me out! WTF.


I am sitting in the park again. I have my writing journal out and I am listening to Josh Joplin. I am so in the zone. However, Mr. Obama Bum wants to have some chatsies with me. I look at his dark blue striped shorts set circa, again, 1990’s and the Obama hat and think maybe I should just give this guy a listen. He askes me if I like to write and while I am anwering the question he cuts me off to ask me to go buy him a sandwich. At first I wipe at my forehead because obviously I have the words, “sucker for a sad story” on it. Then I am like, what the hell? Do you really think I am getting off my most awesome bench to go buy you a damn sandwich? I am sure he knew I wouldn’t and it was just a tatic to get money from me. But just the nerve of someone walking up to another human being and be like, “buy me a sandwich”. I understand being down on your luck…I am there as well…but come on. I am not walking around asking for others to buy be a green tea frappacunio. This is bull. Of course I gave him four bucks because that was all I had and I am a sucker, but it didn’t stop me from thinking…WTF.


I think I have achieved one of the great super powers. Oh yes, I think I have figured out how to become invisible. Here is what you do. You go into a place of work, or maybe if you are in a city and want to take a tour ride, the street and walk up to employees who don’t want to work. Stand right by these employees and don’t say a word. I know you are thinking, you should just say something, but I was taught never to interupt a conversation. So I just stand and wait for my opening. However, the employees continue to talk about when they got to work, how much time they have left, and what time they get to go on break. See, they know I won’t be rude and just interject into the conversation, so they just keep talking. In time I will walk away. They know it. I know it. It’s true, I do walk away because I am sick of being invisible. I want to be invisible at a cool time, not when I want to go on a dumb overpriced tour. WTF.

Just think, these are just a few of my WTF stories. This could be a blog series in the making because I seem to have a lot of these moments. It begs the question, have I gone mad or is it everyone else?