I have read many books in which the main character is a modern day Holden Caulfield character. I want to know, where is the girl version? Can we really say that a girl can’t have the same type of thoughts and feelings as Holden? Do girls not drink and curse to hide their feelings? Is it because girls are so emotional it is inconceivable that a girl may not be so open with how she is feeling?

First, it is best to look at what is so appealing about Holden. Here is a young man who is battling with growing up in a loveless home in New York. His brother is dead and he blames himself for that death (as all kids do when something like that happens). Without getting the proper help he needs, he looks for things to dull his pain.

What makes Holden so appealing is that he is universal. That book was written decades ago and it is still in print because the character is still believable. Teens are still trying to figure out their place in the world and their purpose. Teens still carry burdens too heavy to bare and teen still use whatever means necessary to stop their pain. Holden Caulfield is the universal teen.

At the time Holden was introduced to the world, people must have had a hard time reading it. Who really wants to relive the pain of growing into a young adult? Because Holden was so realistic, it was hard to admit that he was what people go through. His thoughts and feelings were the same as the next person’s. Maybe on different levels, but people growing up all question their surrounds the same way.

Here we have this universal male character. He is growing up in Anytown, USA and just trying to figure out where he fits in. He will experiment with different things. As time moves on, the experiments get more and more dangerous.

But I need to know…where is the female version?  I know that some books have tried to capture the feminine point of view. However, there is not a female stand-alone character that is so universal like Holden. I have yet to read a female character that can speak to every generation.

You know where I find the books with the female attempts at a Holden character? The bargain bin.

Is it that we aren’t ready to see the female Holden yet? Or is it that no one can just get her down on paper yet?

Where is she? I know that she is out there. Every ying has its yang, so if there is a male part there is also the female counterpart.

So, again…where is she?