It’s true; one is never too old for a bad haircut. I am living proof that this statement is not a lie.

I blame the glossy magazine really. It made me believe I could pull off a long bang and shoulder length hair.

I look like an overgrown pixie. I have shaved ten years from my age and not in a good way.

How can I be sexy, dark, and brooding when I look like a damn twenty year old? They aren’t too far down on the damaged scale. Twenty year olds still have hope and gravity is still being kind to them. Sure, it will all catch up to them in the end, so right now enjoy the fact your boobs are on your chest and your ass looks good in jeans. You are rubber and every negative thing will bounce off you. However, the rubber dries up and then its go time.

Maybe I am being too critical.

But really, should I be any other way?

Right now I look like one of those people trying to recapture a long gone youth. I can’t handle looking at myself in the mirror. I seriously want to go wig shopping today. I have considered shaving my head, but I do have this odd gully at the top of my head and I am pretty sure that won’t be a flattering look.

So I am stuck with this bad haircut until it grows out.

Maybe I will grow to love it. I am not very hopeful about that, though.

I just had to think I should change things up a bit. I am always walking around saying that phrase about if something isn’t broke don’t try to fix it. But I am all about doing the opposite because my brain is all into negative thinking. So I did the opposite and now I have a crappy haircut.

I should mention that the fault is not with the stylist. She did exactly what was asked of her. On the merit of did she give me the haircut as requested, she gets an A plus. The fault is with me. I was thinking I could pull off this haircut. Again, it looked so good on the model and what is a model but just a very pretty girl. Strip away her make up and what is she now? She is just a girl who gets paid to take a good picture. I can put on make up as well. Sure, I don’t have seven people who are trained to apply make up around me. I don’t have a renowned photographer taking my picture. I don’t know how to use the light around me to fake people out.

I just have me.

Now I have me with a haircut that looks dreadful on me.

Maybe I could get extensions. But I don’t think I could handle the strain on my scalp.

At least it is the summer and hair grows faster. Also, I can still put my hair away in a ponytail.