I think I may have confused the masses. Apparently, some people think they should leave comments on my blog as if they were on a dating website.

Does this blog really look like a fucking dating service? In what lifetime do you think I would want anyone to put up his or her contact information in order for you to, waht, get laid?

Are you out of your fucking mind? Have you been dropped on your head as a child?

Are you looking for friends or a friends with benefits type of deal? Then why the hell are you writing a comment on my blog? Go to match.com or some other shit like that. I have no idea where you should go, but Lisa who apparently is hot to trot needs to trot her ass somewhere else on someone else’s blog.

I would never want anyone to use my blog as a friend finder or a hook up place. Just the thought of it makes me want to punch innocent dolphins. Sure, I would have to catch the dolphins first, but still I would be a woman on a mission, so I would catch them and punch them right in the eye.

You want to find friends who aren’t obese or just looking for a roll in the hay…I might suggest you change your name. That might knock out some people.

Why is it all about sex?

Even twitter is becoming a hook up spot. Just the other day I got a friend request from a girl who’s  female organ was apparently on the opposite side of dry.

Do I need to hear this shit? No. Do I even want to hear this shit? No.

I understand that people get lonely and with the internet you can create anyone you wish to create. If you weren’t the hot cheerleader in high school, you can be online. I understand this…but I don’t think it is the best thing to do.

Finally, how fucking dare anyone come, read my post, and then just think they should respond by writing out their contact information for my fans to see. i don’t know you bitch and to be truthful, I don’t want your contact shit all up on my site. I won’t be held responsible for what happens to you.

I guess it really boils down to someone didn’t read my blog. They just saw an empty box waiting for a comment. So why not take a chance and put your information out there.

That isn’t what I want coming to my blog.

I want people to come and read my words. I want to spark conversations…not an online romance.

Forgive me for being so pissed, but these are my words and my thoughts and for someone to just come up in here and dump their contact info like I am some kind of modern day yenta…well…screw that shit.