I have used both social networking sites, so these opinions are based only on my own observations. Besides, you wanted to read what was inside my mind, so really, what more were you looking for?

At first there was myspace…and it was good. I had a place I could post a blog and then tell people if I were thirsty or tired. I could put pictures up and write captions. As a side note, back in high school, I was like the yearbook caption writing champ. I would get a stack of photos and the words, “make captions”. The next day I would return to school with the photos and captions. It was awesome. But I digress.

With myspace, again, I could make captions for my “pics” and have people comment on them. I could also demand as many times as I wanted for said friends to make comments to my pictures.

I could tell people what I was doing…eating a bagel…coughing up a lung…drying the dishes…and people could comment.

I could have millions of friends (truth be told I think I only had like seventy or so) and instantly share my thoughts with them. In their leisure they could read and respond.

I liked myspace, but then it just got overrun with sex and tweens. I needed something for my age group (you know, the eighty and up).

So in walked facebook.

I loved it. I could throw things at people. I could hug them. I could throw bombs at them in that pirate game. I still had the same benefits of myspace. I could put up picture, have captions, and have comments. I could update my status and reconnect with people from my past and in my present. I loved facebook because it didn’t feel as “show me” as myspace.

With myspace, I always felt like there was a strange competition. Whether it was friends added or comments to a blog, I just felt like I entered a contest and I wasn’t aware of the rules. With facebook, I felt like it was more of a homecoming. I found people from high school I haven’t spoken to in years. In an instant I could see their kids, wife, and I could even get their cell phone number. Facebook just felt safer.

But what becomes of the kids of facebook and myspace? They have youtube and a million other sites in which they can post their antics. Everyone wants to be famous. So, how far will these kids go to get that fame? Will they ever get tired of the rush of 220,000 hits to a post a day?

Do these social networks help or hurt?

In my experience, I learned a lot of valuable information on myspace. I was even able to save a life because of what I found in a profile. But the outrageousness of it all just got to me.

With facebook, I get to meet up with old friends and get “the girls” all together again. I can make amends for the past as well as others who feel they may have wronged me (case in point a certain missing prom date who unknowingly redeemed himself just a year later carried the guilt of missing the prom for far too long).

Just like with everything else, I think facebook when used in moderation is a great thing. Now, if I could just stop taking those quizzes, everything would be fine!