Even during the most perfect of days, a little rain must fall.

I was enjoying the wonderful weather today in Philadelphia. I was sitting in Rittenhouse Square listening to my IPOD and reading my book. At times I would stop reading and just breathe in the cool air. This was such a perfect day I just couldn’t really believe my luck.

That was my first mistake.

Picture it. I am sitting on a shaded park bench. I have my IPOD on and my head is down reading my book. Out of the corner of my eye I see this lady and her dog approaching. The dog is getting closer and closer to me and I don’t mind. I will hand out a few pets to a willing dog. I like animals.

But this dog seems to be looking for something a bit more then a friendly pat on the head.

This dog is looking for something more important to his needs.

He sniffs the bench I am sitting on and in his doggy mind the axons fire and tell him this is a great place to take a pee. He starts to lift his leg and all I am thinking is, “is this dog really about to piss on me?”

Well, he is actually.

A few sprinkles come out of his tally whacker and all his owner has to say is “bad dog.”

Not “oh I’m sorry my dog just mistook you for a tree” or “Oh man, I am so sorry.” I didn’t even get a “oops” or a “my bad”.

The owner just said, “bad dog” and walked on.

I would also like to report that I don’t think the owner really ever stopped to let the poor dog pee.

I was stunned because I couldn’t believe that this dog just peed on me.

But it gets worse.

I go and clean up my pants and leg. Of course I lost my cool bench and I had to go search for a new one. I find a new one and sitting across from me is another park go-er. I notice that the old man sitting across from me has a bag with him. A lot of people eat lunch in the park, so I don’t think anything of it.

He pulls out some bread from his bag. He starts throwing the bread on the ground. This little act calls many birds. All I keep thinking is I am going to get pooped on. I have already been peed on, so what would stop poop from joining in? Besides, all those birds and do I really think not one of them would have to go number two?

It was either stay and get pooped on or leave my new spot. I had no choice.

I had to leave my spot.

What I don’t understand is why do people forget human kindness when in a park? Your dog pees on another person and you do nothing? You decide you want to feed the birds meanwhile you are surrounded by people sitting on benches?

If you want to feed the birds, go on the damn grass.

Stop at a tree or something and let your poor dog pee.

Let me enjoy my day in the park.