I like my art to have a purpose. Even in the art I have around the apartment, it has to have more then one function. I can’t just have a pretty picture hanging on the wall. Pictures have to have a story behind them.

Take for instance the art I have hanging. I have a big Yoda poster (Yoda makes me write, check out my other blog at www.philadelphiastories.wordpress.com for more explanation), I signed picture of Josh Joplin (it was actually the poster he used to advertise his concert and I took it off the wall and made him sign it…because that is how I roll) and Civil War memorabilia.

My art has to have a purpose beyond just looking at it on the wall. I can’t stand Modern art (like the whole big red dot and one long black line) because in my head I can’t justify that as art. That is crap. To me it has no meaning and I won’t let anyone try to explain a meaning to me. It’s a freakin’ line with a dot…there IS NO STORY THERE.

When I go to the art museums, I always head for the religious art. I love looking at the wall size painting of the crusades and Mary holding a man baby Jesus. Those paintings have meaning because they are telling not only the story that is depicted, but also about the story of the culture and the people in the time it was created.

I also go to the Impressionist section because I love how the pictures change meaning the closer you get to them. In life, that is how things are always. Far away you see one thing and the closer you get to it, the meaning changes.

However, I may need to add a new section to my museum tour.

I am currently reading a book called, Pop Salvation by Lance Reynald. Once again, it is another Holden Caulfield type character but this time, the main character Caleb is searching for himself through Art.

In all the books I have read about this coming of age time in life, I have never seen a book in which the main character turns to art. It is always music or books that pulls the child through to the young adult years.

I am only on page 94, but this book already has me looking at things differently.

I am not a big fan of Andy Warhol and the whole dada movement. I used to think the art created at that time had no meaning. Oh wow, look at a soup can painted in different colors! Where is the story in that? Where is the double meaning?

Reynald spends a good couple of pages as Caleb discovers the piece called Marilyn Monroe’s Lips. Through Caleb, Reynald discusses how each lip is slightly different from the next. Even though the lips are from the same person, each kiss is different.

Take that in for a second.

How many kisses have you given in your life? Can you say that each one is the same?

I know that I can’t even begin to say that each kiss I have given is the exact replica of the last one. It is impossible to believe our kisses are the same. We have different kisses for different people and situations.

No kiss is the same; not even one done right after another. That was proven in Warhol’s piece.

Now I see the beauty and the complexity of Warhol’s piece and I am dying to see more.

Life is about changing our ideals and learning. If we keep to our old ways, then we should just start digging the six shallow feet now. We should always be pursuing new ideas, new knowledge and new experiences.

I have stated many times that this is a rebirth year for me. Perhaps that is why I am so astounded by this new look on Warhol. Maybe I am just hyper sensitive to all kinds of new ideas. I am not saying that is a bad thing.