Last year on my birthday it rained. I am not talking a small sprinkle; I am talking someone unzipped the clouds and the Philadelphia area was the dumping ground for the contents. It was at ark proportions.

My year last year was just like the weather that day. It was cold, damp, and towards the end of the year a big cloud came and just dumped all over me.

I have much hope for this year.

I know…it is strange hearing myself even say the word hope in association with myself. However, it is the truth,

The weather yesterday was a perfect July day. It was sunny with beautiful cotton ball clouds all over the sky. The air wasn’t heavy or moist. In a way, one could even say that yesterday was an unusually awesome July day.

I also tend to put a lot of stock in my birthday. I would always think that if people loved me, they would certainly want to contact me on my birthday to say, at the very least, hello. Then I get upset because this person or that person forgot my birthday. How could they forget the day I came into the world and made my first debut?

However, my friend and saint on earth always says to me stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

So this year, I did things differently.

Instead of thinking negatively, I focused on the positives. I didn’t get upset if someone forgot my birthday. I didn’t look for a miracle present. I had no unattainable goals for the day.

I just treated myself. I thought positively and acting positively.

I got myself on the PATCO speed line. Never in my life have I used that thing alone, but this year’s theme is change. I am happy to report everything went smoothly.

I walked around Philadelphia and was planning to go to the Art Museum, but it was closed. It didn’t get upset; I just sat in Rittenhouse Square.

I overcame my fear of Starbucks and I ordered a green tea frappaciuno (can now order it, yet can’t spell it…little steps). I am happy to report, no one threw coffee cups at me.

This year is the year of change for me. I feel like I finally have the clarity and strength to do the things I need to do.

If a year can be predicted by the weather, then this year will be a grand year. Oh and yes, I just used the word grand.