The other night I was taking out the trash. Phoebe has a brand new litter box and I just wanted to get rid of the old one so she wouldn’t be confused and think one box was for pee and the other wasn’t.

I am walking back from the dumpster and I see something shiny by my car. I am all about things that glitter, so I was immediately intrigued. I saw it was a necklace and I was thinking how awesome it would be if it were a Tiffany’s & Co necklace. Well, of course it wasn’t a Tiffany’s & Co necklace, but its charm read something pretty profound. It had two hearts and written on the one was the word “love”.

I picked up the necklace because I didn’t think I should leave it on the ground. What if someone else comes up and runs it over? What if bugs walk all over it and leave their gook on it? Should love have to endure all of that?

I didn’t think so. While I was looking around for a safe place to put it, I started thinking. How many people walked by this necklace and just left it sitting there? If I moved it, would the owner be able to keep looking for it? Did the owner even know it was missing?

Now, sure this was all about a necklace; however, I venture we could also say the same for love its’ self.

Sometimes love is a flashy being that lures us in. When we look closely, we find that it is just all flash and no substance.

Love will find you and it will find you at the simplest locations.

If we don’t pick love up right away, what happens to it? Will it always be sitting there waiting for us to realize it is missing? Or will someone else come along and snatch it up and then move it to a safer location?

We could be hoping that love is one thing, but it turns out to be something completely different. Love could be something a lot simpler, less materialistic, with a lot more meaning.

I know that I am not the authority on love. I have no idea what it is to love. But like Agent Gibbs says on NCIS, “I don’t believe in coincidents.”

Sure, maybe I am reading way too much into a simple necklace left by my car. I note that my car was parked right by the entrance that the people on my side of the complex would have to walk by, so the likelihood of loosing something by my car is pretty high. But I can’t help but look at this small misstep in someone else’s life as a life lesson in my own.

Maybe this is a sign for me to stop looking at the “flash” of love, but see love as a much simpler thing.

Or maybe some chick just dropped her necklace and I am the wench who moved it and now she can’t find it.