Every August before I would start another year of school, I had two movies I had to watch. Of course movies may not be the correct term. Let’s say I had these two musicals I had to watch. Of course I am talking about “Grease” and “Grease 2”.

With “Grease” I always wanted to play the part of “Frenchie” or “Rizzo”. I loved Frenchie’s pink hair and her determination to follow her dreams. Sure, her dreams fell crashing down into the mud, but she still took a chance. “Rizzo” on the other hand is the tough chick with the big heart. I always wanted to be that strong and so aloof. Sure, I never wanted the hickies from Kinicki or the pregnancy scare. Dating that creepy guy from the other school was also not in my plans. But singing that song, “The Worst Thing” I could totally do that.

Also, when the song, “Grease Lighting” came on, my sister, my mother, and I would all get up and do the dance with Danny.

Another thought on Danny. He was a bit of a doucher. He liked Sandy yet didn’t want to be with her because his friends wouldn’t think she was cool enough. How cool did she need to be? She had an accent and was fresh meat to the school! Also, she was a cheerleader. Oh and then she gets all toughed out at the end and they go singing happily ever after. I never liked Danny and I couldn’t stand Sandy.

As far as “Grease 2”, I always thought the girl with he really long nails was funny because of her voice. Once again, I also loved the tough girl who wanted nothing but a “Cool Rider”. Come on girls who among us don’t want a “cool rider…a cool, cool, cool, cool rider?”

So is it any wonder when the Kimmel Center tells me “Grease” is coming around, I quickly order tickets? I guess I could have seen if anyone wanted to go with me, but after two rejections I started to feel like not everyone had the same love of this musical. I don’t mind really going by myself. When you just need one ticket, you tend to get better seats. Also, this play means something to me and I don’t need to hear the sighs of someone who only went to the play because they wanted to make me happy.

Some may say I am impatient or a spoiled brat, but at the end of the day it comes down to this one fact. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, so I think we need to do the things we want to do regardless if we have someone sitting in the seat next to us. I don’t want to live my life under the covers hiding from the world or even sitting in the passenger’s seat of someone else’s car. Does that make me selfish? Well, so be it then.