I know, I am almost thirty-four years old and it is beyond strange to be having my first nightmare. However, I am never really good at being normal, so really, is there any doubt that I would have my first real nightmare at this age?

Let me set the stage for you.

It is about 2am and I am having the most horrible time getting to sleep. My faithful cat is on the floor by my head silently yelling at me to just go to sleep already. But I can’t seem to make that happen. I am hot. My head hurts. I am worrying about money. I can’t stop…night dreaming (since I am doing it at night, does it get called night dreaming? It can’t be daydreaming because there is no day) about events that would and would not be cool if they happened. I keep thinking someone has called my cell phone, so I keep getting up to check it. I want a hug. I hear snoring. I don’t want to get up and be functional tomorrow. I want to read a book. I want to go to the bookstore. I need a drink of water. I think I would be better off dead. I left the frying pan on the stove. I haven’t baked brownies in awhile.

Sadly, this is just a fraction of the thoughts playing pinball in my mind. Is it any wonder why I couldn’t just go to sleep?

Anyhow, I finally turn over on my belly and snuggle my big, blue body pillow (I told you I needed a damn hug). I finally start to feel myself drifting off to sleep. Then it happens. I am watching the television and something bad has happened. The reporter is telling us all what tragic thing has happened and it is dark out where she is reporting. I also see flames. I can feel myself starting to panic. I can feel the empathy and the doom setting in. This isn’t something that has happened directly to someone I love, but we can all feel it.

I wake up and try to shake the thought that this was just a dream. I want to wake someone up and make anyone talk to me. I reach out my foot just to feel the pressure of another living being. There is movement under my foot and I feel better.

So I do then next logical thing. I check my cell phone again and am greeted to an empty message waiting inbox. I grab another bottle of water and drink it all down. I try to get back to sleep.

It is now 5 in the morning. My alarm is set for me to get up in another two hours. I already turned it off. I know there is no way I will be able to sleep tonight. I even prayed to God and He was all like, “dude, nothings wrong, go to sleep.”

What is a girl to do but take quizzes on facebook and write a new blog?

To figure, I used to walk around going, “what’s a nightmare? I never had one of those.” See, test enough and you get served…straight street.