The other day in a passing conversation, someone had mentioned that she wanted to find “her true self”. That got my mind thinking all kinds of double thoughts. Can we find our true self? Does our true self change with time or are there basic strands that will always be with us?


Then this thought surfaced. Is there a difference in finding your true self and being true to yourself? If you don’t know your true self, how can you begin to be true to yourself? Lastly, what is a true self?


I know I am not one to have a lot of answers and I always question more then find suitable answers. However, today I would like to put my ideas up and see what others think. This is one of those interactive blogs. I know you have missed them.


So, let’s look at the first group of questions concerning one’s true self. In my opinion, I think that our true self changes as we change. We learn new things about our place in life and ourselves. As that happens, our true self starts to shift and morph into something new. However, I will argue that there are basic components that never change. Perhaps it is better stated if I say we have basic moral fibers ingrained in us that never change regardless of how much information is processed. Finding your true self is a life long pursuit that is always changing. If you feel you have found your true self, then you are missing out on the possibility of change and self-growth.


Now, being true to your own self is something that will never change. There will be variations on what it means to be true to yourself. However, at the end of the day, you are the only one that you have to agree with. When you recap the day’s events, it is you alone that has to judge whether you are comfortable with the decisions you have made. Sure, you can be upset that this person is mad at you or that person thinks you are an idiot. But, what is the most important thought is how do you see you?


Again, these are just my thoughts on the subject. I would love to hear other thoughts, so please chime in.