If you are traveling to the Baltimore area, I suggest you stay clear of the Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel. Read on to find out why…

Dear Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel:

My family has always said that when traveling, the only hotel one should stay in is a Sheraton. They not only have the best beds, but their services and rooms are always top notch. In my own personal experience, I have stayed in a few different Sheratons and always enjoyed my stay. However, that was until I stayed in the Baltimore City Center Hotel.

I always try to look for positives in any situation, so I will start with those. The beds were comfortable. I did like the sink in the bathroom.

Now, the negatives.

Sure, the beds were awesome; however, the room temperature was so like what I imagine the boughs of hell would be like I had a hard time sleeping in the bed. On the second day being in the hotel, I actually woke up at 7am in order to take a cold shower to help my body temperature decrease. There was no air in the hotel room and every day I woke up with a bloody nose and a major headache that only went away when I was outside the hotel. The weather outside was reaching into the 90’s, yet outside was cooler then my hotel room.

The fees.

The sign outside said the valet parking fee was thirty-five dollars. However, according to my bill it is apparently forty dollars and sixty cents. Most hotels come with free wi-fi or charge about seven bucks. My bill told me I actually paid ten dollars a day to use the hotel’s internet which subsequently gave my computer a virus and the connect was slower then an old lady walking down the street with a walker attached to twenty bags of books and cinder blocks. I was almost certain that I was going to see a charge for the horrible shampoo and conditioners that made my hair fall out all over the bathroom.

The fee for food…well I could have fed a third world country for a month for the cost of a box of cereal (no milk). Oh and is it normal to add an 18% service charge, three dollar delivery fee and taxes to a room service order? Also, I didn’t get the map (or was there a secret pass word I needed) to find the continental breakfast. Then, the restaurant downstairs is what I lovingly refer to as the ghetto-ly expensive sports bar. I asked if there was any garlic in the food because my stomach can’t handle eating garlic. The waiter suggested the asparagus instead of vegetable medley. On my plate I got this strange medley of squash, red onions, and other unnamable veggies with a big old helping of garlic. I paid thirty nine dollars for my baby cow and only ate half of it because of the garlic situation. Sure I got a free dessert, but couldn’t eat it because of my stomach issues with the garlic.

The room itself.

Sure, I asked for the room with the best view. I assumed I was going to get a lovely screened in window overlooking something beautiful. What I got was a big unscreened window that I was afraid to open during the day just in case a bird flew into the room to check things out and a lovely view of the Radisson.

Showtime never worked the whole time I was here. There were channels with no picture and just sound. Also, I got to pay thirteen dollars to see a movie in the privacy of my sweat box hotel room.

The towels felt like I was drying myself off with sandpaper and again, I was really wondering how much the soap was going to cost me.

Oh and thanks for that free bottle of water that I drank in like two point five seconds because of the heat in the room.

I have stayed in much cheaper hotels and have had a much better time. I always thought hotels were supposed to be like homes away from home. Hotels were supposed to be comforting. My only comfort from this hotel was knowing I was leaving it soon. The best part of my trip was knowing I could go home.

I will never …never…NEVER stay in another Sheraton again. I am so thoroughly disappointed in this hotel that I know when I travel (and I do it a lot) I will be looking for another hotel chain to swear by.


Michelle Wittle