Today was Kindergarten Day. I know that not because I was walking around celebrating this day…truth be told, I was not too sure how I was supposed to be celebrating it anyhow. Was I supposed to run into a kindergarten class and hug the teacher? Were there balloons? Did we all get snack time and better yet, naptime?


I don’t have answers to these questions. All I know was that in my daily journal prompts book it said that today was Kindergarten day. So because it was written in a book, it must be right. Like a book wouldn’t lie to me. Why would it? It doesn’t know me and I just purchased it, so obviously I wanted that book around.


But anyhow, I digress.


So, I was thinking about my own experiences in Kindergarten. I have some strange and strong memories and I will share some of them now.


First, I remember the first day of school. I was looking all fly with my red little coat and my most awesome schoolhouse shaped pocket book. Oh that’s right…I was a funky little clothes diva even back then.


I was so sure of myself as well. I got off the school bus and just walked right into the school. I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going, all I know was that I needed to be in that building. Also, there was this little girl with her grandmother and she was crying because she didn’t know what to do. I was all Ms Take Charge and I told the little girl to follow me. Keep in mind, I seriously had no idea what I was doing and the grandmother totally called me out on it. She walked us both into the school and into our classrooms. But seriously, I was all ready to figure it out on my own.


Second memory:


This girl wanted to play Wonder Woman and I wanted to play house. Ok, I didn’t really want to play house. I wanted to sniff the coffee cans. In order to sniff said coffee cans, I had to pretend I wanted to play house. It would have looked odd if I was playing Wonder Woman and I was sniffing a coffee can. How could I explain the can to my teacher? Maybe I could have pretended that the can was my laser reflectors? Besides, the girl was lame and I was way too cool to play Wonder Woman with the unpopular kids. I’d rather be the class coffee addict smelling the cans in the back of the classroom. 

Postscript to this story…I don’t drink coffee and I actually really hate the taste of it.


Third Memory:


My dad never purchased things for me. Even at holidays, my mom did all the shopping and my dad was just the check writer. Well, one day something came over him and he bought me this metal fake ass mother of fake ass pearl necklace and bracelet that said “daddy’s little girl.” I wore it once to class and during snack time, the bracelet broke. I cried my eyes out and my teacher swore it could be fixed. She didn’t understand that my father got that for me. I wasn’t upset that it was broke; I was upset that my dad did something for me and now he was going to think I wasn’t mature enough to handle presents.


There are many more memories, but I think I will save some of those for later. Besides, it is an awesome day out and I want to go outside and play before I have to come in for the night.