I recently read this quote, “drunk people say the things sober people think.”


Does that mean then that my doppelganger is walking around pissed (meaning drunk and not the US version meaning annoyed or needing to pee) spewing forth all the things that I wish I would say to others?


So does that mean we should believe everything a drunken person says?


Take this for an example. You are with your crew dancing in a club. Mr. Too Drunk To Form Complete Sentences comes stumbling up to you and yells in your ear slash neck that you are the most beautiful girl in the world. Sure, he then turns his head and pukes in your friends’ Jimmy Choo’s. You warned her not to wear them anyhow, so seriously it is her own fault. You wouldn’t even entertain her complaints because you told her.


But then you start thinking. Was that guy telling the truth? Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world? Or is it just his beer goggles were too tight and he really couldn’t see?


Normally you just let words like that roll off your back. But then your friend told you about that quote about drunk people. So you start thinking did that guy just drink enough truth serum to help him say what he was really thinking? Are you so beautiful that he needed the extra help to just talk to you?


You go home still thinking this stuff. Then you look in the mirror. Your eyeliner is now your cheek liner. Your mascara now looks like you got punched in the eyes with a shoe polish lined cap. You have no lipstick on and your lips are all dry and cracked. You smell like beer and sweat. You tilt your head to the side and wonder, “is this what beauty looks like?” To your eyes, this looks like a train wreck so you wash it all off along with the though that Mr. Drunk and Pukey was telling the truth.


Then three nights later, your boyfriend is all drunk and comes over and starts telling you all this crazy crap. Things like he loves you and is really sorry he slept with all your friends while you are dating and they mean nothing to him. You are his light and his love. You are the reason he takes a breath every second. Then he pukes.


Do you believe him? Your friend and that quote says you should. He made a mistake (several times and several friends). But he said he loves you before he passes out in his vomit. Isn’t that true love?


No…it isn’t. My advice to this girl is to run and run fast. Why should it take a drunken man to tell you your value and your worth? Look in that mirror again. See those beautiful eyes? They belong to you. Those cheekbones are to die for and they are yours. Take a deeper look into your eyes. See that soul? All that love just sloshing around with that great sense of humor and intelligence? That is all yours.

You don’t need a quote to prove anything to you. If someone can’t come to you and soberly tell you the things they need to say, then you deserve better. You are not a girl who needs to be second-guessing anything. You should demand nothing but the truth. If your man needs to get drunk to tell you the truth, then you know what you need to do.


Do I think that we should listen to the ramblings of a drunk? I do think we should. I also think it is sad that someone needs to drink to tell the truth. I would like to think that anyone who really knows me would know that I won’t judge and I have nothing but love for my “elite”.