That’s right folks. It was the crime of the century. I was in Chicago and accidentally found the street with all my favorite stores on it. You know, the stores like Coach, Burberry, Banana Republic, and of course Tiffany’s.

So when I saw the sign for Burberry, I almost ran an old lady over trying to cross the street to get into the store. I walked in and no one even paid attention to me. I didn’t mind because I was trying to get my bearings anyhow and I was just overwhelmed by the multitude of things to look at and touch.

I go upstairs into what I find out is the men’s section and there Lisa greets me and we have a chat. I tell her I am looking for a lightweight scarf in the black and gray pattern. Everything she shows me isn’t right and I am sure she wants to punch me in the face. The she asks me if I was greeted downstairs. I tell her no that I wasn’t and I didn’t think too much of it. She starts making a big to-do about it and now I am starting to question why this is such an issue. Is she the manager? Does she not want me to go to corporate and complain that I wasn’t greeted when I walked in the store?

Well, I find out that this store that I walked into was a flagship store. I also should mention that I do look homeless. I had no idea Chicago would be this cold and I wasn’t prepared. Also, on this particular day, the sky was crying and I was a bit on the drowned rat side of appearances.

So I go downstairs and someone greets me. I tell her I am looking for a black and grey scarf. Then she steps away for a phone call. She comes back and asks if I am looking for a purse.

I finally get this I am not welcomed in this store vibe and run out the door with the same gusto I ran into the store with.

It was okay because in two blocks I found Tiffany’s. Tiffany’s always understands me and knows when I am feeling down. She always has pretty silver objects I love to make mine. This time is no different.

I walked in and found the silver jewelry section. Here my new best friend Chad helped me pick out a new necklace and a charm that said Michigan Ave. I was once again a chatty Cathy and told him about how mean Burberry was to me and he made sure I was well taken care of at Tiffany’s. He even gave me some perfume samples which I am currently wearing.

It just goes to show you that you never can judge someone by what they wear. You will never know what someone has in his or her wallet and if that person is in your store, that person is already aware of how expensive things are and is willing to pay eight hundred bucks for a scarf. However, treat that person like shit and make assumptions and your commission