I guess it is better then having your zipper open. Well, I mean to say it is less embarrassing then having your zipper open. But then again, maybe if you have a cool pair of underwear or you are packing some serious length and or girth in your magic stick, then maybe you personally won’t be freaked out if people can see into your pants.

But what about your windows?

How many times have people around us said that our eyes are the windows to our souls? Then add the times you have said it to someone else. That is a shit load of times, isn’t it?

When I avoid eye contact, it is definitely because I know my windows are wide open and I haven’t gotten my blinds up. I don’t want that particular person looking into my soul and seeing what is inside. For one thing, my soul is a very frightening place. There are big potholes and thrash marks. I have blood all over the floor and if you even look closely, you can see where someone or something has lost some finger nails trying to either climb in or scrap his or her way out.

But if we flip it to the other side, the same reasoning holds true.

If I can’t look you in the eye, it is because I see things I don’t want to see. Be it your pain, your demons, or your love…your eyes have something in them that I can’t bare to look into.

I can count on one hand the number of sets of eyes I have been able to look into without having to quickly look away. One person in particular…well, I saw all your pain and your demons and I couldn’t stop looking. At the bottom of all your road blockers and after I got passed all your pain, I saw such intense love and raw emotion that I was jealous and even completely amazed that a single eye could hold all of that inside.

Obviously if I can’t look you in the eye, I am avoiding something. It may not even be you and your demons, it could be the reflection of my own demons that I am in no shape to fight off. Or maybe I can’t look at the pain I am putting into your eyes.

What becomes of the people I can look so completely into their eyes? Why can I do that for some and not for all? Do I have control over the people that influence my life? Am I attracted to the eyes that have the things I want to have reflected in my own eyes? Are these people who can hold my gaze, my soul mates? Do I even get one of those? My luck I was absent the day they were handing out the directions for a soul mate.

Finally, how can something so small hold so much? Why am I so special that you allowed me to see all of that?