The other day I drove by Olga’s Diner in Marlton, NJ and it was like…closed. I didn’t think much of it. I was like, I guess they must be remodeling.


But then I started shuffling through my IPOD and your man came on. I started thinking about all of our times together and how crazy and fun and mostly scary as hell it all was. That brought me to the time I kidnapped you and took you there. You thought I was taking you someplace in AC. You were so sick also. I had to stop at CVS and get you Tylenol. When we finally got to Olga’s ,you got chicken fingers and I got pancakes. Uncooked pancakes to be more precise. I totally ate the bacon, but those pancakes were like eating wet flour. I guess the chicken fingers were okay. I mean, you ate them and didn’t die or anything, so thumbs up? Then on the ride home, you fell asleep and I got lost trying to find our way home. You were also all wrapped up in my scarf and I remember thinking how can he stand having that wrapped all around his neck like that? Then that truck driver blew his horn as he was running the red light and you woke up and asked me what was going on. I turned to you and said, “Oh he is just announcing he has a small penis.” It wasn’t until you started laughing and said “What?” did I understand that you didn’t know me that well yet and I could see how odd that must have sounded coming from me. But, what can I say, it was a gut reaction and it just kicked out of me. I couldn’t have held it in if I tried.


Anyhow, I was bored and decided I should try to find out what happened to Olga’s.


They closed due to not paying taxes and stuff.


However, I don’t think that is the real reason.


We haven’t gone there in years. No one was there to buy chicken fingers and wet pancakes.


It’s our fault that they couldn’t pay their taxes.


Also, what is NJ going to do without one of their most notorious diners?


Lastly, what would I do without you and all the great memories I have with you?


I wish you could understand how much you saved my life and even now, you still keep me here. Disappointing you would be my biggest failure and in your absence I think, what if I did disappoint him? That thought crushes me every time.