This is a bulletin board sign I saw today.

I almost stopped the car and punched the sign.

Are they fucking serious?

Juvenile Detention Centers: Keeping Our Communities Safe

What the hell is that supposed to even mean?

That this poor, messed up kids are really destroying the communities that badly that they have to make a sign patting themselves on the back for making sure these “bad kids” are locked up.

Why don’t we look at the real problem.

First, these are children. They were not born “bad”. Something or many things happened in their life that turned them into what they are now. Where were the adults?

Kids just don’t turn into juvie kids over night. There isn’t a gene in their DNA that just one day manifests itself and then “bam!” the kid is bad.

I firmly agree that it does take a village to raise a child. There are so many influential adults in a child’s life and if one of those characters fails that child, the scar is left on the child. If a child gets enough of scars then I think the child begins to question things.

Why do I have all these scars?

Why do all of these adults keep letting me down?

What is wrong with me?

Then the child just descends into that downward spiral of self-loathing and self-worthlessness.

There is nothing more devastating then seeing a child that feels so empty inside that they will do and use anything to fill up that broken hole in their heart.

I may not have ever given birth to a child, but through teaching I have gained two children. For both of them I worked with everyone and anyone I could to make sure each one knew that they were more important to me then anything. Each child has more potential then he and she will ever see in him and her self. I am just so thankful that I was given the insight to look behind the curtain of hair and mismatched clothes to see the beautiful soul that lies within each child.

Now, if more adults would look at young adults and see them for what they really are (hurt little children) and not what they think they are (monsters in waiting) maybe the communities would be safer. We could use that money spent on juvenile detention centers (and signs that promote how wonderful they are for cleaning up the community) and maybe spend it on those children who just need a small extra token. Who among us likes it when someone special hands us a small gift of a book that we were talking about or a movie they think we should watch? Imagine you are a child with negative self esteem and then someone comes along and really listens to you. Then that same person finds some funny movie, book, or CD they thought you would like and gives it to you.

You want to fix the “problem with these youths today”? Spend some fucking time with them. Get to know them for the people they are and not what everyone else says they are.