So, I will admit this once again. I do believe in ghosts. Sure, I don’t think I have ever seen one (I would probably crap my pants if I saw one, so maybe I don’t see them because I don’t want to see them) but I still believe that people can die and have unfinished business. Since things were left undone, that ties the soul to the earth and makes the soul stick around.


My nephew and I were sitting on the swing and he turns to his left and says, “A ghost”.


I try not to crap my pants and say, “Where”.


He points again and tells me he is scared. My sister chimes in and says that he does this a lot.


My investigation hat comes on and I start asking him questions. I ask him who it is and he tells me “it’s Grand pop.” Now, his one grandfather died when he mother was fifteen and his other grandfather died when he was two months enjoying womb service. So at first I think it’s my dad, but then I remember about his other grandfather and I ask him what he looks like. I ask him if the man is young or old like his grandmother. He tells me that he is old looking. So, now I know it is his other grandfather and not my dad. I tell him that there is nothing to be afraid of and he should say hello and ask him what he needs. He says okay and that Grand pop is gone. He wants to be pushed again, so I get up and push him some more.


Of course my mind had a million thoughts. First I was thinking that my nephew was named after his grandfather. Isn’t it odd that the guy he is named after is watching over him? Is that what happens? If you name a child after a dead relative, does that relative then become that child’s personal spirit bodyguard? If so, that is freakin awesome!


Then I started thinking, what the hell? Where are my parents? Don’t they want to come and check out their only grand child?


In my head I hear, “they are waiting for me”.


More specifically, my dad is waiting for me.


I don’t know why I have that feeling but it is just like one of those things that I just know. Maybe it is because I want it to be true, but maybe not. I have always felt that my dad has watched out for me. It could be because my mom didn’t know she was dead for a while or maybe because I always knew my mom loved me, so I didn’t have unfinished business with her.


My dad…well…I was nine, what did I know?


Then there was that chick at Christmas who said my dad feels guilty for a lot of stuff so I can totally see him checking me out.  


But I can’t say my mom hasn’t been around checking things out. I remembered that time I was in Gettysburg and this ghost named Mary, who was never seen in that shop before, showed up a few hours before I got there and then when I was there, stood right next to me on my left side. What is it with ghosts and the left side?


Maybe my parents take shifts?


Anyhow, I already have my child’s names picked out. My first son will be Christopher Lawrence and my first daughter will be Genevieve Leslie. Sure, I have no intention of having kids any time soon and I don’t if I can even give birth to children, but in the event that I can…I have their names.


I am naming my kids after my parents and I would love it if they could come and make sure my kids are okay.