Yup…that’s right. My Barbie story got rejected. I was really bummed about it, too. I mean, I was ready to throw in the old towel and just give up writing.


But God has a funny way of showing me stuff.


I went to the Philadelphia Stories Blog (which I haven’t written for in months because I am a lazy whore but I did write a blog on there today, so shut up) and there were some comments from people. There were telling me that they liked my writing and I was good at it. So I felt a hundred percent better.


I know that writing is really hard and you have to work at it. However, I get so negative about myself that I don’t see the good in my writing. Because writing is so easy for me, I don’t think I am any good at it. When people keep rejecting me, it re-enforces the thought that I am not good at writing into my brain.


But like I said, God likes to show me things when I am just about to give up.


I have also noticed I am a binge eater.


I blame stress.


Just now, there were these lemon cupcakes. Noticed I used the past tense for that last verb. Anyhow, there were these lemon cupcakes in the way of my computer.


Now, instead of just moving them out of the way, I moved the cupcakes into my belly.


I think I am so stressed out that I don’t even know it. My back hurts like hell and I am sick…again.


When I had cancer, I was never this sick. It is ridiculous.


I should go to the gym. But I won’t. I will probably stay home, try to read a book, hope my cat doesn’t attack me today and try to breath out of my nose.


I should find a place to publish my Barbie story.


But I won’t.


I’ll just keep typing this blog, read, go on facebook, read my horoscope, and then go to sleep.


At least I know what I should be doing…?