Just like any typical teacher, it is March and I am already trying to figure out what I am going to do this summer. I applied to teach summer school, but I don’t know if I will get it or not. I am in a real district now with a union; so I understand that I am the lowest person on the totem pole and jobs like that go to the person with the most seniority. However, I am confident that I can get something to do with teaching for the summer.


If I do get the summer school job, it starts on my birthday and ends sometime in August. That will make my summer pretty limited; however, I will be able to get myself through the summer financially and that makes me uber happy.


But, if that doesn’t happen, what do I do?


I mean I will be teaching a small after school program starting next week and I can still sock some of that money away.


However, I made a promise to myself and I guess it was to God as well.


When I didn’t have a job, I kept praying that I would find a job that would get me the money I need to do the things I want to do.


I have that now, but the question remains…what do I want to do?


Traveling is important to me. This spring break I am going to Chicago for a few days and I can’t wait. There is nothing more interesting to me then going to a new place and just walking around. I have no plans and I am letting the city teach me what it wants to teach me. Hopefully it won’t be teaching me about the fine art of getting mugged.


One of the best times of my life was going to London, England. Every day I just walked around the city and saw shows. Sure, I got kicked off of the church steps for no reason. Everyone else was sitting there enjoying the local music and eating, but I wasn’t apparently awarded that same luxury. I digress.


To me, traveling is one of the big things to do on my list.


So is grad school. I haven’t found the one that works for me yet. Part of it is because I suck at life, but I also think that the programs just weren’t really what I needed. I would like to take a class or seven on writing and publishing.


What would be my perfect summer?


I would love to go back to London for a month and take a class at one of the universities there.


Realistically I don’t have the money to do that…yet. I am not saying that it will never happen for me. I just haven’t planned for it for this year.


So, if I take that next step down, what would my summer look like?


I would have about two weeks before summer school begins and then after it ends I would have another two weeks or so before the school year begins.


With those two weeks I would like to visit a different city. Maybe in June go to Boston and in August I have no idea…maybe Seattle? I would like to take a course while I am teaching summer school. Sure, all this requires money and aren’t I defeating the purpose of teaching summer school if I do all this traveling and taking courses?


I don’t think so. You can’t put a price on life experiences and what is the point of making money if I am not going to do the things I want to do with it. Looking at money gain interest in a savings account is great, for about five minutes. Life is too short to just sock money away. Why wait for a rainy day when you can take advantage of a sunny one?


So, anyone have any suggestions for my traveling? Anyone want to let me crash on his or her couch for a week?