I don’t know why this kind of stuff affects me so much. It could be a million of factors. Maybe because I lost my parents when I was young or maybe because I don’t actually have DNA linked children to me (well, the tests are still out on those two). But, I get really upset when I see parents wasting time with their kids.


I don’t mean just spending a day with them doing nothing but watching people or playing in a park.


I mean when I am in my car and I see the car in front of me watching a movie.


Are you serious?


I could totally understand a long driving trip and you just want to help pass the time. Say if you were driving for like four hours and after hour two you are sick of hearing if we are there yet. Then I say totally pop in Toy Story or Monsters.


But if you are driving fifteen minutes to the mall, I can’t understand putting in a video.


The other day, I was at Wawa getting my morning breakfast and lunch (veggies and grapes…hence why I can’t loose weight…I digress) and in the car next to me were two little girls, a mother, and a father (who got out of the car to go into the store). Both little girls were watching TV in the car. It was literally seven in the morning and they were watching a movie…in the car. I couldn’t understand why the mom and dad didn’t want to take that time before school to talk to their girls.


Maybe I am judging too harshly. Maybe this was just a fluke. Maybe they never watch TV in the car, even though they were watching the movie on portable DVD players, and it was just a rough morning.


I just feel like I would be a very selfish parent. I want every minute I can get with my child because I know that once puberty hits, I will become the devil himself. My kids will hate me more then life itself and I will become dumb and would never be able to understand anything. Also, I was very close to my mom and I never wanted to disappoint her. She spent a lot of time with me and for that I am grateful. I think you can buy your kids all the IPODS, DVD’s, games and gaming systems you want, but if you don’t take the time to talk with them, then the stuff just becomes stuff. How much more fun would it be if your parent sat down and played a game with you? Nowadays, this new generation can probably beat anyone from my generation in any game in like five seconds flat. But it doesn’t matter who wins or looses, it matters who plays the game with you.


Also, because my mom spent a lot of time with me, I was close to her and I also feared her. That fear kept me away from doing a lot of harmful and dumb things. I was so afraid of disappointing my best friend that how could I drink or do drugs? I want my kids to feel the same way. I want them to know that I love them and that I would be hurt and disappointed if they did something stupid. I would work hard to help them out of any problem, but still a little fear can go a long way.


So forgive me for wanting to be selfish and wanting my theoretical child’s love as much as I can for as long as I can get my child’s love.


We are not promised tomorrow and in a heartbeat so much can change. Why not look at every moment, no matter how small, as a blessed moment and make the best of it?