I do go to the gym yesterday. I had a hard time doing anything because there were a lot of people around. Also, I guess I am just that out of shape. Today my back is killing me and I feel bloated and just…gross.

So of course eating that Big and Tasty is surely going to help me feel better.

I am hoping that my synthroid just needs to be readjusted, It’s just funny because every time I go to the doctor’s I am “fine”. Yet I am retaining more water then a camel and I feel like a tired crack whore.

Why does she have to smoke rocks? Why does it have to be a whore? I don’t know really, that was just the simile that went into my head, so I thought it was best to run with it.

I will probably go to the gym today. I just really feel like crap and when I punk out at the gym (like only running for a few minutes when I used to run for a half hour) I feel even worse.

However, I think maybe my lack of exerise is the reason why I am just disgusting.

Or maybe…wait…is that my cell phone? Is it that whore Mother Nature? Is she calling me again?


I don’t know. My back does hurt like an elephant mistook my back for a chair and it is now snapped in half. My stomach is yelling at me. Hmmmm.

Maybe the real bottom line is this…I need to get my bloated ass to the gym.