On facebook, someone sent me the nicest message to my honesty box. They said that they think I am too negative and I should give myself more credit. I know what you are thinking, me…negative? The lies, right?


Anyhow, they also said that I am stronger then I think I am and with the right support system I could really start digging myself out of the dark I am in. I am apparently worth more and I deserve more.


When I first read it, I was immediately flattered. Someone took time out of her day to send that note to me. It boggles my mind that someone would actually take time to think about me and my life and want to comment so positively on it.


I certainly wrote the person back and thanked them for their words. I know that it is all true. I don’t deny that I am a negative person and I could use a good support system. The power of positive thinking can cure all kinds of problems. These are all things that do not shock me.


What does shock me is the fact that the person won’t tell me who they are. I don’t think I am a completely unreasonable person. At times I can be and if you hurt me, I will cut you off without so much as an explanation. But, this wasn’t a negative dig at me. It was really nice.


But here I am always wanting more. I can’t just be happy that someone walks around this world thinking about my life and knowing I deserve better. I have to know whom that person is who is thinking it.


Part of me just wants a name to go with the words. I want to know how this person knows me. In what contexts have our paths crossed. Why do you know that I deserve better? Are you a fan of my blogs? Where you a friend of mine back in high school that has recently found me again?


Who are you?


Even though your words are powerful, I feel they would have more power if you addressed me as yourself. Why do you feel like you need to hide from me? I won’t hate you or anything. I would have no reason to do that. You aren’t telling me you want me dead and wish I would find a gas oven.


Is it wrong of me to want to know who you are?