I don’t know why, but lemmings appeal to me. I think it has to do with their ability to sense their own over population and they are not afraid to do something about it. I often wonder what it is in their minds or even bodies that alerts them that there are, in fact, too many lemmings. How do they know there are too many of them? Are they ever afraid that if they die, there might not be enough of them left to keep them from going extinct?


Do they just look around and say, “damn, I’m outta here”? Does it just take one lemming to say he or she has had enough and then everyone else is like, “shit, you know Charlie’s right…let’s go off that cliff, too”? I mean that thought process is where we get the phrase “acting like a lemming (or however it goes, but you know the one I mean). But seriously, what is the thought process there? Is there one? Is it a biological trigger in their body somewhere that says when it is time to check out? Are they afraid of the unknown? Or are they too busy being afraid to live and that is what forces them off and running?


Then, could you imagine if humans did this?


What if all the douche bags where on a ridge overlooking a cliff and one of them turned to the other and said, “hey, there are a lot of douche bags on this cliff. I’m outta here.” Can you imagine?


Or what if all the assholes did the same thing?


Would we in fact be able to become a better human race if all people with these tendencies just eradicated themselves from the planet? That is saying that being an asshole or a douche bag is linked to genetics. I am not too sure that it is that way. I firmly believe that it is a total environmental issue. Perhaps something in the water makes people become assholes? I’m not sure; I’m not a geologist.


Again, just the concept of lemmings appeal to me. I want to understand what makes them do it. Was it like one day, one lemming got curiously close to the edge, fell, and then everyone else thought it was cool watching him tumble to the ground? Did one of them yell fire or fight and then the rest of the lemmings’ just bum rushed each other off the cliff?


I just want to know.