I’m trying to remember if my parents ever hugged me. I can remember my mom hugging me. On cold days, I know I snuggled up to my mother and forced her to hug me. But as far as my dad…I can’t recall him hugging me. Maybe he did when my grand pop died…but I don’t know. I mean, I was a cute freakin’ kid and if he didn’t hug me then he was an idiot. However, to bring a particular memory of my dad holding me…wait…I do remember we used to sit on the couch together. Sure, he would fall asleep (a bit on the sauce, he was) but I can remember being in his arms.


Maybe that is where I can trace my heritage. Oh, see, I forgot to mention something. I am a hugging whore. That’s right. If you need a hug, I swear I’ll hug you. I think I’m pretty good at hugging as well. I mean I have had a lot of practice and no one has complained about my hugs. I do always smell good, so with me you get a good hug and a nice sniff (normally D&G Light Blue or Burberry).


I wasn’t always so free with my hugs. I do think a lot of it has to do with my fear of people leaving me. We never know when it will be the last time we see each other and I think you should always end on a hug note. Even if you are yelling and screaming at each other; hug it out.


In this world, there is so much distance and negativity. People are down right nasty to each other and we don’t need to be that way to one another.


Haven’t you ever had one of those days when you just needed a hug? You can’t deny that you haven’t had a moment in your life when everything was in the toilet and you just needed someone…anyone…to just put his or her arms around you and let you know that you’re loved.


That’s why I guess I am a hug whore. I use the pay it forward methodology. There will be a day when I just need a hug. I will always need to be reminded that I am loved. Sometimes hugs come from the most random places and that makes me smile all the more. Or how about when that one person won’t hug anyone else comes to hug you? It’s times like that which help us see that we are special…even when someone can’t physically say the words.


Hugs are so important.


Just today, I had someone who when I first met them said they were too old for hugs. My rebuttal was we can never be too old for a hug. So today, out of nowhere, this person asked for a hug. I was like, come on in and gave that person a big squeeze.


I should say this…even though I am a self- proclaimed hug whore, I can be stingy with my hugs. If I hug you, then in some way you have made a positive impact in my life and my hug is my small token of thanks. If I don’t hug you, then obviously you did something to hurt me.


In closing, hugs should not be something we are afraid to ask for because we all need them. It’s just like farting. We all need to fart from time to time and once we do it, we feel a whole lot better.