I have already established that I am the dumbest girl on the planet. I do the most ridiculously dumb things and then wonder why people choose to avoid me.


Take for instance my latest installment of “she couldn’t be that dumb…or could she?”


Recently I have been talking with this really cool person. However, because I am socially retarded, I think that person now thinks I am a psychotic fool and won’t respond to me. I would be totally freaking out if this were the first time something like this has happened to me. Unfortunately, my life has been plagued with this type of behavior. Yet, it still doesn’t stop me from doing it.


Hence the reason why I am stupid.


I think in my head some type of warning bells go off and I just loose all sense of proper etiquette. It’s like I know that this relationship will go nowhere, so I have to hurry up and sabotage it so I can prove myself right.


But in my own defense, I was just doing what I thought was right. I believe in the golden rule and I was treating the person how I would like to be treated.


People aren’t like me. I come off overbearing and psychotic. In reality, I am just a girl who sees a cause and wants to do all she can to support that cause. It’s because I wish someone would do the same for me. I would love to be a cause that others would fight for and for others to do all they can to see me succeed.


However, no one really thinks like that. I am not saying that people find me causeless; I think that not everyone is willing to just go “balls to the wall” and fight for another person. Not everyone thinks the way I do and I need to accept that.


So, this is the part I would normally say that I am sorry and hope that you will forgive me. This time, I won’t be doing that because I am not sorry. I believe in you and I will still do all I can to do my part and help you along. I’ll still contact you with important information. At the end of the day, if I were in your situation, I would want someone to do the same thing for me.


So, good luck with everything and well, you will be hearing form me again real soon.


Look at that, no apology…progress.