Have you ever seen that commercial for Ikea where the chick is at the register and she looks at her receipt, then she looks at the lady who handed it to her and then she starts running and screaming, “Start the car?”


Well, that was how I was the other day at the bookstore.


I know you are thinking what the hell was I doing at the bookstore again. I was just there last week and besides, don’t I have enough books I need to be reading sitting on my bookshelves? All true and all valid points, but what can I do, I am a sheep. I read a cool book review and went to find the book (which I didn’t find, by the way).


So, anyhow, I am looking at the discount section and I see this big box set of books. I am curious, so I go over to it and I see that it is three David McCullough books. One is Truman, the other is John Adams and the last is on Teddy Roosevelt. I look to my left and then my right. I am having a hard time understanding that this man, this Pulitzer Prize winning author’s books are in the discount section. With the efficiency of a crack whore who just smelled a new rock, I grabbed those books up and ran to the register. I didn’t even look at the price.


Well, it turns out that the 65.99 list price box set was on sale for 16.93. That is less then one of the books inside the set!


I couldn’t believe it.


Now, let’s look at this carefully.


Will I ever read these books? Honestly, probably not. But I should read them and I do want to read them. I have always loved all things Roosevelt. Truman and I have been friends since the American newspapers all thought that Dewey won the election. John Adams is just a beast and I adore him (not as much as Lincoln…don’t get it twisted. I love me some Lincoln). As a writer, I mean, McCullough won a Pulitzer so I should really give him his due by taking an interest in his writing (since I want a Pulitzer some day, I really should see what the requirements are).


I do go in phases in my readings. I will go through a classic phase and then a “all new writers” phase. It all depends on my mood and the seasons. Every spring I read a John Grisham novel. In October it’s Anne Rice (although now I think she fell off the deep end with all her Jesus loving, so she might be ruled out come next October). I even once tried to do this thing where I would read a fiction book and then a non-fiction book.


I just feel like there is so many books I want to read and so many books I should be reading. I get so overwhelmed because I don’t know where to go. So, I head to the bookstore and buy whatever book I am in the mood for that day. I rarely come home and read that book mind you and some books have been on my shelf for years and have only been touched once.


Can’t I just get paid to read books?