We all know that I am a huge book pack rat. I have more books then your local library even if your local library is in NYC. So, does it come to a surprise that I would go to a bookstore and buy yet another book?


I couldn’t help it. Books come into our lives to, not only entertain us, but to teach us about the lives of others and about ourselves.


When I saw this book advertised as a punk-ish coming of age story, I knew that I had no other choice. I had to obey the book gods and not only buy the book but read it.


Did you just ask me why? Do I need to remind you about Meredith sitting in my computer? If I am going to write in the genre, I have to read it as well (strictly for educational purposes only).


But this book wasn’t about me learning the genre I want to write in. This book came close to home and it scratched my heart to bits. The book ended with that one perfect word I have always seem written on your face (hope, ding bat!).


This book was about Luke (love the name, used it in a story of my own once) who is just trying to grow up in Atlanta during the 90’s. His dad is just a sperm donor who unsuccessfully tried to reach out to his son and his stepfather is a drunken conman who uses Luke as a punching bag. Luke knows that he deserves better then all of that and thinks he finds his answer in drugs.


The book takes us through Luke’s years of drug use and sexual abuse. This book was hard to read because of its gritty realism. Many times I stopped reading the book just so I could take a breath. I didn’t even want to read what happened between Andie and Luke, but again I’m curious….


To me this book is such a hit for many reasons. First, it has a history with self-publication and I love the fact that many others read this book and believed in it. Second, we all have a Luke in our lives. We all have that character that has been broken down and abused. We scream, cry, and pray that our character will get up and see how much worth they have in this world and in our lives. I don’t mean to say we all have drug addicts in our lives. Again, we all have someone who has been handed a rough time and falls. They scrap their eyes and get blinded to the fact that they are a wonderful treasure in our lives.


I am glad to report that there is a squeal to this book. Although at the end of the novel there is hope, I need to know that I am not wrong. I want to see Luke win and give everyone who ever doubted him the finger.


This book is an amazing book. We never feel sorry for Luke because he never asks us to feel that way for him. Luke tells us his life and all its blood gushing glory. He doesn’t make excuses, he just asks us to listen. To me, this is a book for Luke’s everywhere. My message to all Luke’s is this…we are here…we are listening…we believe you will make it, but you will make it because you want to and not because we asked you to.


My dream is to someday write a book that could be this raw, real, and relatable. From my tear stricken face I humbly thank N. Frank Daniels for this book.