So today I went on an interview for a second job. I know, you are thinking, I am a teacher, why do I need a second job. Well, teachers don’t get paid in the summer. Also, I need to fill up my savings account. I am trying to get myself completely financially secure. If you know me on a personal level, then you know why I am trying to hard to do this. If you don’t then, sucks to your ass mar (sorry, that’s a joke and I don’t know really why it popped in my head all of the sudden).


Anyhow, so I went on the interview and it was going really well. Then the person tells me it is for a different store then I originally thought. Well, I basically flat out said that I couldn’t do it. I am not driving for an hour or more for a mall type job. I had no problem driving fifteen minutes for one and maybe in the summer I would be more inclined to travel the extra distance. But not now; I have an obligation to the students I teach and I won’t put myself in a “run ragged” position.


I am annoyed because you think that she would have mentioned that it was for a different store. I could have saved us all some time by telling her I wasn’t interested.


I will say that I am glad that I have the luxuary of turning down a job. I can still look for something else for the summer. I have plenty of time. If I can’t find anything, then I just have to put some money away now and not go to the theatre so much.


Am I being greedy trying to get another job? Is this a way for me to hide from the real issues? By getting a second job, am I really just trying to keep myself from thinking and making the tough decisions I have to make?


Is it all just an excuse?