I now understand why I have problems managing money.


When I was growing up, my mother would always take my money. I had an uncle who would come over and spend the whole day. We would all have to sit on the couch and watch any movie or wrestling show that he would want to watch. We couldn’t leave the house or anything. It was borderline creepy.


But at the end of the day, we would get like ten bucks. On our birthdays, we would always get a card and again another ten bucks.  I never got to keep the money, thought.


My mother would hunt me down and take my money. I never understood why. It was given to me, so why couldn’t I keep it? I didn’t have an allowance or anything, so my uncle was my only cash source. I guess if I did have money, I could have gotten into a lot more trouble. Maybe that was why she took my money. I couldn’t buy drugs without money. Or maybe I could have gotten drugs in other ways.


But I was seriously a chicken. I probably would have just spent it on tapes and books.


I didn’t have that option though.


Don’t get me wrong; I would get her back all the time. We would be shopping and a mysterious lip-gloss or book would just fall into the cart. She would look at me and ask how that stuff got in there and I would just pretend I had no idea. She never told me to put that stuff back, so in a way, we broke even.


I always wondered what the reasoning behind my mother taking my money. Even when I was working at McDonald’s she would take like half of my money. She said it was for gas, but in the 90’s gas wasn’t THAT expensive.


I think with my first paycheck I seriously purchased books. After, of course, my mother took her cut.


Was my mom trying to take my money to keep me safe or was she taking it because she thought it belonged to her?


Either way, I owe my inability to handle money to her. Because I never had money, I now get so excited when I have it that I just spend it on stupid stuff. Do I seriously need more make-up? Really, I don’t think I need another Tiffany’s necklace. Yet, there I am on payday buying stuff I don’t need for no other reason than I can buy them.


I have hope. I am getting better. But I still don’t understand why she did it. Is it normal? Do other parents do that? If I have children, will I have to do that as well? Did it happen to her?