That’s right, I hate paying rent and now I hate the play “Rent”. I may in fact be the only person on the planet who hated this play, but trust me I hate this play so much that I have enough hate for others.


I hated this play so much I didn’t even stay around for the second act. I had to get out of there. It could have been because the woman next to me smelled like rotten eggs and garbage farts or that could just have been my reaction to this play.


Don’t get me wrong, the vocals were on point and absolutely amazing. I just couldn’t get past the play and the words they were singing.


South Park hit the nail on the head when they mocked the play on their show. Everyone had AIDS. Every time I turned around another character had AIDS. I feel bad saying it but I am glad all the characters had AIDS.


This play showed me everything I hate about New York and the Gen X books. I can’t stand the “look at me, I am poor and hungry, but I am an artist and I do drugs, but it’s all okay because that is what is supposed to happen”. Ugh. Really? Living in a loft with no heat and no electric doesn’t make you an artist. I hate the glorification of drug use. To me, this play was just filled with characters reminding me of middle to upper income kids moving to NYC to become tortured artists. They refuse to go home, but they will all end up going home or dead.


If you want to see a good play on the AIDS epidemic, then look to “Angels in America”. That play will freak you out and make you cry. It won’t make you want to punch puppies.


I really can’t tell you how much I hated this play. It was everything I hate about being an artist and being poor.


Why do people love this play so much? Do they just not know any better?