Sucks. That’s right. I have a new car and it sucks. I hate it.

Sure it’s all nice and shiny. It’s bright red and the payments aren’t that bad. I can listen to my Ipod without draining the battery. The car has that new car smell and not wet dog/freebrezze smell that my Saturn had with it.

But I loved my Saturn.

We went places together. We went to Boston. We went to Gettysburg. We sang lots of songs together. We got tickets together.

But now I have this new shiny car. It’s all happy and like Come on Michelle, let’s go for a ride. Let’s go shopping.

I can’t do it though.

I miss my old Saturn.

I still have it. The only reason I got a new car was because my service engine light kept coming on and nothing was wrong with the car. I didn’t want to take the chance of driving somewhere and getting stuck on the road.

On time I got a flat tire on the Atalntic City Expressway. It was awesome because people I worked with just drove right by me as I sat on the side of the road with my flat tire. A small post script with that story, I saw one of my co-workers stuck on the on-ramp of the AC Expressway. it was snowing and everything. I still stopped to make sure he was okay. But I digress. 

Then, you can’t use any other kind of roadside help on the AC Expressway; You have to use theirs. So, I had to wait for them to show up.

As I was daydreaming about staying at the Saturn dealership all day to aviod going to school, a knock came up on my window. I turned to see this very hairy old man looking at me. He said, “Got a flat tire, aye?” I screamed because I was sure he was going to kill me and NOT fix my flat.

Obviously I was wrong and he did not kill me. He did put on my spare and I drove to the Saturn dealership.

I didn’t get to spend all day there. I was out within an hour.

My Saturn and I…we have been through it together. I can’t just say good-bye to an old friend like that.

So my Saturn sits and watches me as every morning I get into my new car. We both look at each other with disappointment. It isn’t the Saturn’s fault the light keeps coming on. It isn’t mine either.

I should be so happy to have a brand new car.

I’m not.

I have a hard time giving things up.