Who thinks using a pronoun is a good idea?


I personally hate pronouns. I use them all the time, but I hate them.


You never really know whom the pronoun is replacing. It makes it easier to hide. You can just write and write about someone and never have to fess up to just whom you are talking about.


But then there is the flip side.


You don’t know if that pronoun is meant to replace you.


When I used to teach poetry, I would tell my students that pronouns get used to make the statement universal. Anyone can fit into that poem or that thought. I stand by what I taught. But it still doesn’t make seeing pronouns easier.


Take the words, “I love you”. We all know how much trouble I have with these words. Now I have even more problems with it because of the pronoun.


That pronoun could stand for me today, and you tomorrow.


Your love for me can end at any time and someone else can just step in and feel comforted by those words.


Why is it so hard for people to say our names when they are telling us they love us?


Pronouns have also hurt my life in another way.


You never say my name. I am always hey you or lady and I am never addressed by my name. Is that because I, too, am replaceable? Do I mean so little that you can’t bring yourself to say my name? Does my name get stuck in your throat because you feel like it doesn’t belong there? Do I not belong in your life? Am I that big of an embarrassment?


Maybe I am making too much of things.


But what if I am not?


All I know is that I am a pronoun.


I hate pronouns because they let us hide. They let us protect our secrets and ourselves. They hurt us. They aren’t clear. They can mean anyone at anytime.