That’s right. I totally had off from school today. There are no better words then, “Snow Day…All Schools Closed”. I literally jumped up and down and woke everyone up telling them I had the day off.

I had big plans for today. I was going to write and do my lesson plans. I was even going to read a book.

Instead I slept.

I feel like my intestines are being gnawed on by angry gnomes. They have sharp, razor teeth and they are just chomping away.

I don’t know what has made them so angry. If I did, I would fix it so they would stop eating my stomach.

My mother said everything happens for a reason. I would have felt guilty if I stayed home because of a stomach ache, so with divine intervention, I got my day to stay home and take care of myself.

There is still time. I can still get my lesson plans done. 

I could still write something today.

I might be able to read a chapter or two of a book.

I hate when I get sick and waste a perfectly good free day off.