I was trying to think what other memory I could thrill you folks with. The only thing that is walking around in my head is just myself in fifth grade. So, that’s where this blog is going.


You already know that I switched schools at the end of fourth grade and we all know why.

So here I was in a fifth grade class at Longfellow Elementary School and I didn’t know a soul. But I wasn’t the only new girl in the class. There was also I new student named Tara. Of course we bonded because we were both new and also we both had a lot in common. Tara and I still talk (not as much as I would like and I know it’s all my fault) and when my mom died, she was the only one who could remember my mom, as she was when we were younger. It was great to have that memory and I was so touched that she also remembered my mom.


Anyhow, Tara and I both played the flute.


Keep in mind that I was by no stretch of the imagination a rich kid. So, I got a used flute that my mother had to make payments on. But I didn’t mind because it was cool and I liked playing it.


Sure, I was horrible at it and I still have to count the lines to read the notes, but still. It was nice of my mom to continue paying for my flute even though we both knew I would stop playing soon.


Fast forward many years later and I, stupidly enough, gave my flute away. Of course it was to a guy who was interested in playing music and was trying to make a band (because seriously what guy doesn’t try to make a band). Anyhow, this guy and I had a bit of falling out. He wanted to marry me and for me, that boat sailed a LONG TIME AGO. He blamed me for all types of crap…it got real ugly and so we stopped talking.


One day I get nostalgic and look him up on a social network. We start talking again and I find out that he actually threw my flute away.


I was pissed because I remember how long it took my mom to pay my flute off. We didn’t have extra cash and my mother did a lot of creative math to get me that flute. I gave it to him because I was a dumb girl and I guess I thought if I gave him my flute he would have a reason to talk to me and he would love me again. It was like he was mad at me and took it out on my mom. Also, he had no idea what my mom did to get that flute, so he just tossed it away.


The moral of this story is don’t give people shit that could mean something to you one day. It’s not like I can walk up to my mom and ask for another one. I should have held on to it and I regret giving it to someone who was so thoughtless.