I was so happy to hear that it was going to snow today. I kept hoping it would snow all day and all night so that way I could have off from school tomorrow. It’s sad really.


Teachers want snow days more then the kids.


I have been sick with a cold for the last week and a half. I have been going to school with the hopes of shaking the cold or at the very least, giving it to a student. But no, I am still sick and none of the kids are getting sick.


Why didn’t I just take a day off?


Well, I can’t.


It’s not that I don’t have the days to take off. I still have five sick days. I even have the sub line number. Yet, I still can’t call out.


This is the second time in my teaching career that I have taken over a class mid-year and it is a huge challenge. Every day I hear how much I am not like their old teacher and I don’t do the same assignments.


If this were my first time teaching it would bother me. It isn’t my first time and the comments just slide off my back. I know that I am a good teacher and I am doing what I feel needs to be done.


What bothers me is that I am sick and I can’t get better.


This class has a long list of teachers that have quit and/or gotten fired. If I were to take a sick day, they would see it as I was giving up on them. The message would be that I couldn’t handle them.


I am not a quitter. The only time I left a job was when I knew I couldn’t fight anymore. Other then that, I stay where I am and I fight every single day.


We may not always get what we want, but we always get what we need. Whether this class wants to admit it or not, they do need me.


It is because of that need that makes me go to school everyday.


But I am tired.


I need a snow day.