Okay, that title is misleading. Why can’t I ever find a good title? Is it a writer’s cures? Maybe…or maybe I am just an idiot.

Regardless…I am compelled to share this story with you.

I was in the city the other day and I went to see “A Chorus Line” (it was good by the way…I won’t see it again, but I am glad I saw it at least once).  I parked in a parking lot and paid a good twenty-one bucks. Then as luck would have it, I needed to make a small pit stop near South Street. For those of you who are familiar with the area, you know that parking is more then a nightmare. I finally find a spot near second street by the Wawa. This is odd parking place because the spots are in the middle of the street and do not have meters right in front of the individual parking spots. You actually have to park in the spot, then walk a few feet to a meter, pay said meter and then finally walk back to your car and put the little ticket with a time stamp on it in your car window.

Have you seen Parking Wars on A&E?

Anyhow, I see the parking dude and ask him how it works (the whole meter thing). He explains it to me and I brush off to “feed the meter” and get my stamped ticket.  I am walking back to my car and I see the same dude I just talked to walking from behind my car. I explain that he is actually around my car and he tells me “shit”.

That’s right. He just wrote me a ticket. The same man I just asked how the meters worked…just wrote me a ticket.

And it is true…they can’t take the ticket back once it is entered in the system.

So now I have to call the number on the ticket and explain what happened. I was assured by the man that the ticket will go away, but it still annoys me.

I don’t understand the system. How are you supposed to walk a few feet away from your car to pay a meter? Was I supposed to just throw money in the machine while sitting in my car? Was I supposed to clone myself?

The guy tried to be comforting by telling me that now I have free parking for the night…but I was leaving the city. Besides, I was paying the meter while he was writing my ticket.

I know he was just doing his job…but I just asked him what I was supposed to do.

Didn’t you think he would be like…”Oh this car doesn’t have a ticket in the window and that girl just asked me about it…maybe I should wait and see if this is her car.”

Are they so desperate to “fill a quota” that common sense flys out the window?

Seriously, how ARE you supposed to use the meters if you have to leave your car unattended while you pay for crappy parking?

Now I have to call a number and I may or may not still have to pay the ticket. I was technically wrong because I did park my car and didn’t pay for the two seconds it takes me to walk to the meter and then walk back to my car. How dare I think I could possibly have two seconds of free parking in the city of Philadelphia? 

It’s just so stupid and I think the city should rethink that parking situtation.