So, I can’t believe today is Christmas. Where have I been? I don’t have a tree up.I haven’t listened to Bing Crosby once yet. I haven’t even sang one Christmas Carol!

How did this day come so quickly?

I would like to chalk it up to my new job. I have been so consumed with getting my classroom up and going I haven’t even taken the time to see that Christmas was on its way. I haven’t even written in days.

All the things I said I wouldn’t do in terms of starting this job, I am doing. I am forgetting to write. I am even forgetting to look around and see that the holidays are here and are threatening to pass me right by.

So, I am taking this time to breath and notice that today is Christmas.

I texted a few people and I can almost guess who will write back and who won’t.

For Christmas this year, I just want a hello. That’s it…just a hello so I know that I was at least thought of for like five seconds. Is that too much to ask?