I just have one quick question. Why can’t I get sweet and sour sauce for my nuggest from McDonlad’s?

I went to the drive-thru today and told the first person I would, indeed, like sauce for my nuggets. My sauce of choice today was sweet and sour sauce. But I’ll be honest, after I said it I started thinking maybe I should go fo the BBQ instead. But, what’s done is done and I thought I would just live with my knee jerk repsonse: sweet and sour sauce.

I pay for my food and pull up to the next window. I think, should I ask again for sauce? Nah, I already asked and I am sure they would see it on the ticket that I clearly asked for sweet and sour sauce.

I get home and get settled into my McDonald’s treat. I eat all the fries first (which is odd because I usually eat the nuggest then never finish the fries) and then I reach into the bag and pull out the nuggets. I go back into the bag searching for the sauce. But, no, the sauce gods have once again denied my request for sweet and sour sauce.

This happens more times then I want to admit and I am starting to wonder why. Have I done something to upset the sauce gods? What horrible act did I commit to anger the gods?

Or maybe it is McDonald’s.

Maybe they know that sweet and sour sauce is liquid gold and they want to keep it all for themselves. Maybe Ronald himself has a sweet and sour sauce problem and he goes into random establishments and rips into their stash of the sauce. Because the employees are trying to cover up Ronald’s problem, they just stop giving people sauce. If the person does ask for it the second time, then they give it up. However, if they, like me today, just drive off assuming the sauce is in the bag, then they have scored another two packets of sweet and sour sauce for Ronald. Think of what would happen if the press found out about this type of addiction!

Maybe it is the employees way of rebelling against the man!

I am at a lost as to why this keeps happening.

I want my sweet and sour sauce.

But remember how I said I thought I might want BBQ instead?

Well, when I went into the fridge to see if there was any extra sauce in there, I did find two containers of sauce. It wasn’t sweet and sour, but it was BBQ.

I guess this can be chalked up to another example of life giving us what we really want even when we aren’t sure what we want.